Innovation is a way of Growth & Transformation at Abalone. Abalone has always been inspiring minds to innovate and create. There's no stagnancy here, you will always find us creating and discovering. Innovation needs time, investment. It needs free air to breathe, to think. Innovation and shorter time to market, to improve, to succeed, Abalone's assistance team is at your service. Our sustainable systems are designed to help you create innovative products. Our gelatin products are the fruits of our pool of innovative minds and we motivate and urge everyone to join us in it.


Our GOAL is to create a sustainable world with our natural products. With the aim to continue our leadership in the market of gelatin, we strive harder to bring forth more innovative, successful and easily accessible products. Abalone is determined and dedicated to it's customers and plans to increase its binding by increasing the family and transforming their lives.



We are passionate about our Business, our Brand & our products.


Our thoughts and actions are based on values rather than personal gain.


We strive hard to create accessible solutions to everyone.

Customer Satisfaction

For us, our customers come first. Every product is consumer-friendly and has been created with utmost regard for them.


We are prepared to take risks, and we learn from our own mistakes.


We believe the only way to ensure success for our clients and ourselves is to operate in a fully transparent manner.