Gelatin is widely used in innumerable food products. This natural gelling protein is of great commercial importance. It's a high quality ingredient and is widely used for preparing delicious desserts. The major advantage of gelatin is it's unique ability to react under heat. When manufactured with firmness under high temperatures, it melts at room temperature only to regain its firmness once cooled down.

The sweet taste of gelatin products is irreplaceable and hence makes it the most important ingredient in the industry. The melt in the mouth only to give you a blast of sweetness is irresistible. Gelatin is free of any cholesterol, fat or sugar and is easily digestible. Gelatin is indispensable for candies, bakery products, confectioneries, dairy, meat, fish and many other treats. What makes gelatin so unique is the large number of different properties combined in this single product.It�s gelling, foaming, stabilizing, emulsifying and binding functionalities are complemented by numerous characteristics that make it irreplaceable& irresistible in the modern food industry.