Along with the wide applications in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries, gelatin has other special uses also. Beauty and cosmetics industry is another field where gelatin has multipurpose uses.Nutricosmetics wherein foods are purported to have beautifying as well as rejuvenating effects. Age miracle creams and lotions have found use for hydrolyzed collagen. Personal cleanliness and skin care is important and the choice of high quality products for the same is a must.

Did you know that gelatin is used in animal feed for the pet's long and healthy life? Their by-products fats, proteins and minerals play an essential role in preparing nutritious animal feed. These FPM products being excellent supply of pure fats and excellent sources of energy are in high demand. Gelatin is used in photography, art and X-rays also. Gelatin-silver photography requires silver-salt photographic material which has a coating of specific types of gelatin. X-ray films are double-side coated for increasing sensitivity. For embedding, gelatin is required for protection from light irradiation.

Gelatin has inspired scientists, researchers, manufacturers to innovate and discover new applications. We have been constantly experiencing with gelatin over the years successfully.