Functional Properties

Abalone Gelatin is tailor-made with perfect textures and functions. It's gelling, foaming, stabilizing, binding, emulsifying and adhesive functionalities are complemented and innovated into numerous applications making it perfect and irreplaceable in various industries.


Formation of thermo-reversible gels in water is one of gelatins most Unique properties .An aqueous solution of gelatin is thermo-reversible, which means that it is able to inter convert between a solution and a gel, dependent on the temperature. A gelatin-based formulation gels when cooled and liquefies when heated. This transformation is rapid and has no change in its characteristics.


Creams, jellies, toppings can be stabilized using gelatin. Cheese spreads, creamy desserts and fillings require firmness adjusted by gelatin. The smoothness is ensured all the way and it's easy to slice maintaining the smooth and sharp contours.


Gelatin is used to incorporate air into multi-phase emulsions through whipping. Foaming refers to the process in which mass of small bubbles is formed in liquids or solids. It stabilizes the foam and large amounts of air are retained in the products. Due to it's gelling and stabilizing properties, product texture and firmness is restored over long periods of time.

Water-Binding Capacity

Gelatin has excellent water-binding capacities. Which preserves the integrity of the product. Gelatin with it's affinity to water, swells and binds up to 10 times in water. In low-fat meat, water binding is very important and gelatin plays an important role. In dairy products, it prevents exudation and syneresi.


Gelatin allows the components to stick together with it's excellent adhesive power.

Film Forming

We believe the only way to ensure success forours clients Film forming refers to the process that converts a liquid dispersion to a thin semi dry sheet of the dispersed material, called a film. This unique functionality of gelatin is used in the manufacturing of capsules and for coating in food industry.


Emulsifying is the process that converts two partly or fully immiscible liquids into a dispersion of droplets of one liquid into another. Gelatin has excellent water-binding properties making it a great emulsifier.


Used in ice-cream industry, gelatin is used to enhance the formation of fine crystals by stabilizing heterogeneous suspensions. It enhances product storage stability and controls recrystallisation of sucrose.


With gelatin, unique and tailored textures can be created. Perfect, smooth and yummy looking gelatin products are used in countless products. Gum-like elastic texture, it's characteristic blast in the mouth and the typical Thermo-reversible property makes it perfect for making delicious jellies and marshmallows. Gelatin is used in dairy products to get the wonderful, creamy, mouth feeling whipped creams. Powdered gelatin is used in cakes and pastries to texture fillings