In addition to all the properties and functionalities, gelatin has many benefits. It brings advantages such as easy to use products, stability, compatibility and most importantly human acceptance and compliance.


Gelatin, compatible with human tissue, is a food product of natural origin. It is an easily digestible, pure protein providing eight of the nine essential amino acids necessary for the growth of the body.

Melting at body Temperature

Gelatin melts at body temperature and this property is unique among the hydro colloids. Foods using gelatin therefore melts in the mouth and generate that unique great mouth feel and an intensive flavor release.

Clean Label

Gelatin is a natural food ingredient and therefore doesn't require an E-number. It is fully digestible,GMO-free and non-allergenic.

Unique Texture, Elasticity And Brilliance

Gelatin has a unique texture, elasticity & brilliance. With gelatin, unique and tailored textures can be created. Perfect, smooth and yummy looking gelatin products are used in countless products.


What really makes gelatin unique in terms of functionalities is its thermo-reversible gelling power. Formation of thermo -reversible gels in water is one of gelatins most Unique properties .An aqueous solution of gelatin is thermo-reversible, which means that it is able to interconvert between a sol and a gel, dependent on the temperature.