Other Properties


Gelatin has a typical yellowish color. It depends on the nature of the raw material used and thermal treatment during the production process. color does not influence the properties of gelatin or reduce its usefulness.

Particle Size

In considering other properties of gelatin that may be of great importance to you the size of the particles will most probably feature among the considerations to be made. This is specifically important in the production process where dissolution is actually one of the things that are part and parcel of this process.

This process involves milling and it is different depending on what is being handled. A simple process will involve stirring gelatin in water with a temperature of between 60 – 80 degrees Celsius. In this process, loss of gelling power and foam or lump formation is expected and this happens especially when the dissolution process takes a long time. Abalone Supplies a wide range of milling grades that are adjusted to the specifications of the customer.